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Video Sharing And Social Media

Interactive sharing platforms require proactive systems to keep the community pleasant and safe.

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Traffic on social media sites and associated creation of text, audio, and video content has seen explosive growth over the last decade. But there is always a danger that some of this data can be outright offensive if not dangerous to the stakeholders, if allowed to disseminate.  

If providing your user with a friendly and safe environment is your goal, you are at the right place. Foiwe specializes in facilitating better experiences with our content moderation, content tagging, and customer support services. We attend to each unique need of yours and offer customizable solutions across platforms.  

With video sharing and social media platforms attracting many users, it is easy for the space to turn hostile or the content offensive. However, with Foiwe’s expert team working on your side, every encounter your customer has with your product will only turn them into frequent users. 


Foiwe can help you serve your customers better by implementing measures prioritizing their needs and providing assistance when the need arises. Investing in customer experiences, in turn, boosts your brand’s credibility and reputation

Create easy browsing experiences

With different tagging and labelling systems in place, Foiwe enables a smooth user experience.

24/7 customer assistance

Foiwe is ceaseless in serving you and your customers, offering dedicated services regardless of the time of the day.

Honest reviews and ratings

Through thorough verification processes, Foiwe ensures your users only get authentic reviews and ratings.

Customize solutions

Foiwe offers cost-effective and durable solutions, addressing the root causes.

Safeguard users

Foiwe keeps your community safe for all, to interact, share and learn without limitations.

Increase efficiency

With our BPO services, you can afford to focus on core company functions.

Services We Offer

Services we offer primarily focus on helping businesses with content management, infrastructure services, and customer support to help them make the most effective and informed decisions. 

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