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Change Management

Management solutions and processes that enable smooth execution of change initiatives without sparking disruption in everyday operations. 

What is Change Management?

Change is inevitable among organizations, with new projects and efforts to enhance performance and increase profits to gain a competitive edge. For example, implementing technology to allow a more mobile workforce, re-engineering a procedure to ensure regulatory compliance, or pursuing an enterprise-wide transformation around customer experience; all require a shift from what has been to what is next. Yet, in all these changes, individuals are the common denominator for achieving planned outcomes-it is all in the management.

Business transformation requires change management at its core. The essence of change management is to put plans in place for influencing, stabilizing, and then controlling change. The ultimate goal of change management is not only to bring about transformation but also to ensure that the transformation is not disruptive and contrary to plans.

Foiwe’s team consists of different individuals who have different skillsets with varying responsibilities and use tools that align the interests of various stakeholders in the steps forward, thereby aiding in the smooth execution of change initiatives.

Benefits of Change Management

Change is often a key to competitive advantage. Effective Change Management is all about bridging the gap among teams and preparing them for potential conflicts that may riddle production. With Foiwe, you have everything you need to leap higher. 

Minimize Resistance to Change
Change management brings teams together and raises morale so you can prepare them for a smooth transition.
Maintain Employee Performance
Team members feel supported when they understand the cause of the change and its processes.
Better Cost Control
Change management lowers risks and helps contain costs that are associated with the change.

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Applications and Capabilities

Chat and IM Moderation as a service, scrutinizes user ideas and discussions to validate chat content that are posted online.  


  • IT Upgrades
  • Security fixes


  • Seamless transition from traditional networking and storage solutions to cloud-based ones.
  • Recovering from a security breach and quickly adapting to updates.

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