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Deliver carefully curated images and visual elements across platforms. 

The Working of Image Moderation

Image moderators are experts in reviewing pictures, so they can easily identify the images which are not safe for work (NSFW) or suitable for the platform. For example, many social media users share sample images on their pages, and some even post their pictures to publicly accessed websites. While computers can spot all the defects in the images, humans can make the distinction even more apparent. They are also capable of detecting elements that may be harmful to a website’s user experience. 

Billions of images populate the internet every hour, and a lot of those are user-generated. To provision an acceptable online community, we bring Image moderation as a service. Image moderation is all about assessing graphic content to create risk profiles for inappropriate content like violence, pornographic images, extremism, etc., that may prove detrimental to the online community.  

With a suite of AI-powered tools, Foiwe leverages state-of-the-art technology to review the flow of image content on platforms that support user-generated content. Reliability and accuracy and improved further with the help of human moderators, where needed. 

Benefits of Image Moderation

Foiwe provides unparalleled Image Moderation Solutions so you can serve appropriate content. 

Pixel sharp precision
The use of AI tools enables accurate image processing and faster results.
Ensuring safety
Filters unsafe and extremely graphic visuals that convey negativity.
The human element
Human reviewers perform an added level of scrutiny to check sensitive content.

Case Studies and Reports

Applications and Capabilities

Image Moderation as a service, reviews and validates imagery that are posted in a platform.  


  • Social media platforms.


  • Advanced AI reduces overhead by detecting and sorting unsafe images.

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