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Short Video Review

Analysing videos less than a minute to five minutes to ensure content sanity for your audience.

How Short Video Review works

Short videos may become viral videos, creating waves. However, they aren’t free of explicit or inappropriate content, and being associated with the wrong kind of content will cause significant damage to your brand identity. Social media is a significant part of your brand’s image and reputation. By reviewing short videos on social media, Foiwe helps protect your brand and your users from being at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Reviewing occurs at a pace and format you wish to choose according to your requirements. Foiwe offers frame by frame moderation features, or flagged video moderation among other customisable solutions that fit your criterion if need arises.  Employing both human and AI based systems ensures you receive accurate results every time.

Benefits of Short Video Reviews

Keeping a check on what your users see and associate with your brand influences how they perceive your brand. Understanding and regulating this pattern Foiwe can help you in many ways, here’s how 

Pre-set Filtering Algorithms
Moderating graphically intense scenes can be effectively managed based on platform guidelines.
Thorough Frame Check
Every frame in the video is checked for content violations. This also includes text content within videos.
Second Opinion
As an added layer of moderation, human resources are allotted to check and approve AI processed content where required.

Case Studies and Reports

Applications and Capabilities

Short Video Review solution helps maintain and manage your presence on various platforms to keep you secure from inappropriate content.


  • Short video app
  • Reels and Stories
  • Shorts


  • With Foiwe you can create and participate in new short video trends without worry. As Foiwe works around the clock to verify content quality.
  • With Reels and Stories, the reach the platform provides is enormous. Foiwe analyses each video pertaining to your brand carefully to ensure they uphold your standards.
  • Unmonitored content can easily turn inappropriate and offend your users. Foiwe acts as a customizable shield, protecting user’s interests as well as your brand’s reputation online.

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