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Problem Management

Prevents, resolves, and controls IT-related issues before they cause noticeable damage. 

What is Problem Management?

Problem management is a comprehensive IT support function charged with managing the lifecycle of underlying difficulties related to the IT infrastructure. These IT solutions are designed to address a particular problem that may occur within the enterprise or in one or more departments within an organization. In addition, they are designed to predict and provide solutions to real problems before they occur. For example, if an organization suffers from a series of incidents such as server breakdowns, DDoS attacks, security vulnerability, or other threats, a Problem Management lifecycle begins with identifying the causes of the incidents, then implementing solutions to mitigate the effects and preventing them from happening again. 

Foiwe’s problem management professionals collaborate well with your organization’s teams and with each other to identify and define their own process objective and goal to thoroughly investigate and manage any form of IT issue. We also work on contingency plans if an incident were to occur and no immediate fixes are possible. At the end of the process, the solutions are implemented, tested, monitored, analyzed, and adjusted to work as effectively as possible. 

Benefits of Problem Management

Foiwe’s solutions focus on keeping recurring incidents at bay by finding the root cause of problems. Problem Management Solutions allow your IT infrastructure to evaluate and make procedural service improvements while saving hours of work in managing redundant issues. 

Minimize Helpdesk Tickets
Gathering enough data and doing a predictive analysis of issues paves the way for a stress-free IT helpdesk with a lower in-flow of issue tickets.
Higher Customer Satisfaction Scores
Quicker resolution times and preventing issues from occurring simply means less time on the phone and happy end-users.
Continual Service Improvement
Proper monitoring tools and service patches can detect incidents and thwart them before they show up as tickets.

Case Studies and Reports

Applications and Capabilities

Analyzing incident patterns offer the foresight to tackle most problems that have the potential to render a business dayn unproductive. Foiwe’s versatile problem management service can fit into any organizational structure and offer valuable solutions. 


  • Communication tools
  • Security issues


  • Always-on comms network with alternate routing and backup plans mean uninterrupted business.
  • Planned updates and security patches fortify IT infrastructure. .

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