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Text Moderation

Prevent a wide range of policy violations in the format of text across comments, tweets, posts, reviews, etc. 

The Working of Text Moderation

Text moderation is the process of filtering a user’s input and allowing or rejecting the “raw” information. In essence, a content moderator is an expert to one type of content on a platform and a neutral or no-hassle associate when it comes to handling other content—detecting user-voiced opinions from content that can trigger civil unrest.  

Content that tarnishes a platform or a brand’s reputation can take various forms, but the most rudimentary format that can easily permeate through media is text. Even seemingly random words, when placed in a particular order, can create enough chaos to topple a brand. That’s the power of text – be it a blog article, a comment, or a file from a text bin.  

At Foiwe, we strive to help you serve sane, palpable content while nurturing a healthy environment for a candid exchange of ideas.  

Benefits of Text Moderation

Foiwe’s moderators assess text content in every session to ensure the flow of appropriate content and ideas. 

Remove hate speech and spam
An integrated software tool to censor unwanted text helps skip hours of manual reading.
Text Masking
The content identified to violate policies is masked using special characters in real-time. This helps keep the reading environment more palatable.
Enhance user engagement
User-friendly texts improve user engagement as users feel safe and secure. Arrests cyber bullies and fraud on the onset and removes them.

Case Studies and Reports

Applications and Capabilities

Live Stream Moderation service can ensure safe user experiences across a wide variety of streaming platforms.  


  • Any Platform that supports text


  • Can handle large volumes of data.
  • Multilingual support to skim unwanted material in any human language.
  • Offensive text contents are automatically censored using special characters in real-time.

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