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Help gain the upper hand while using UGC to promote your business.

The Working of Campaign Moderation

Campaign Level Moderation is just the collection of moderators chosen to maintain a given area of service. This includes one or more types of moderations, each with a distinct area of interest. For example, campaign Moderation may consist of both automated and reactive moderation in order to prevent explicit or disrespectful content from appearing on the website.   

The UGC Moderations in campaigns are broadly classified as follows: 

  • Pre-Moderation 
  • Post-Moderation 
  • Reactive-Moderation 
  • Distributed-Moderation 
  • Automated-Moderation 

Each of these functions are allocated to members of the same team who work on a specific brand. In upholding policies and preventing inadvertent moderation, Foiwe’s campaign moderation endeavours to do its best. 

Benefits of Campaign Moderation

Foiwe’s appoints a group of experts, each with certain role to execute in the campaign. 

Pre-set Filtering Algorithms
Moderating graphically intense scenes can be effectively managed based on platform guidelines.
Thorough Frame Check
Every frame in the video is checked for content violations. This also includes text content within videos.
Second Opinion
As an added layer of moderation, human resources are allotted to check and approve AI processed content where required.

Case Studies and Reports

Applications and Capabilities

Campaign Moderation has the convenience to manage your presence in a range of content platforms, with a collaborative team of experts. 


  • User ideas and discussions.


  • Community Management policies and enforcers to seamlessly run user communities online.

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