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Incident Management

Management solutions and processes that enable smooth execution of change initiatives without sparking disruption in everyday operations. 

What is Incident Management?

Organizations must take steps to prevent untoward incidents from disrupting daily operations and increasing employee injury or illness. Unfortunately, standard operating procedures can be ineffective when an incident occurs because of insufficient understanding or control of the problem. Incident management is the art of minimizing the adverse impact of events by restoring normal functioning as quickly as possible to prevent loss of money and time. By improving the quality of service and avoiding costly mistakes and unintended accidents, incident management enhances an organization’s reputation, increases productivity, and protects the health and safety of the workforce.

Incidents occur periodically in all organizations. However, when they occur frequently, organizations must take steps to prevent such incidents from disrupting daily operations. Foiwe identifies the root cause of each incident and provides an action plan for each incident based on the cause. Activities are then proceeded according to the nature of the incidents. Foiwe’s team of experts methodically executes comprehensive planning, identifying risks, developing a risk management strategy, and alerting all employees to those risks to keep your business running at its natural pace.

Benefits of Incident Management

Major incidents that companies face may include failures in products, equipment, processes, or systems, which cause indirect, but still harmful losses. Foiwe’s Incident Management techniques address those potential issues to provide a holistic solution. 

Always-on support
Innovative channels to communicate and resolves issues mean smooth operations.
Intelligent service tools
Self-service portals and knowledge bases offer a quicker resolution.
Easier Problem Management
Problem lifecycle starts with identification, and the collected data on incident trends help with that.

Case Studies and Reports

Applications and Capabilities

Advanced tools for incident communication, data gathering, and repair are critical in Incident Management. Foiwe strategically positions itself at the core of operations to effectively manage incidents. 


  • Network Issue Resolution
  • Hardware failure


  • Use of Self-healing network resolution tools to identify and troubleshoot issues.
  • Quick communication and deployment of onsite personnel to assist with a workaround.

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